Coaching applied to language teaching? And why not?

Student learning languages online

Blocks, prejudices, fear of mispronouncing a word, a lack of confidence and belief on one’s own ability. In my 15 years of experience, these are some of the many excuses and reasons to put off the study of a language.

In my language classes I use coaching tools to raise your self-esteem and overcome potential barriers. In this way, we will find the best route to assist you in achieving your objectives.


I guarantee that your effort will be proportional to your learning. We will study what you need, according to your interests and your abilities (more visual, auditory, the languages ​​you already know, your hobbies). In this way, you will achieve a fluency in your chosen language.

We will make the most of your class time and you will learn according to your pace and your own needs.

group of students learning languages in front of a computer and laughing

My Courses

I design courses adapted to your specific needs and availability of time to study, with the contents adapted according to what you want to learn and what interests you.

In my classes I use coaching techniques to keep you motivated. Together, we will eliminate the blocks, the embarrassment of incorrect pronunciation and all the excuses that we normally use when we are afraid of failing. With my 15 years of experience I have learnt to identify all of these blocks.

Courses offered:

  • French A1-C2, English A1-B1, Spanish A1-B1
  • Standard course (1 - 2 hours per week)
  • Semi-intensive course (10 hours per week)
  • Intensive course (15 - 20 hours per week)
  • Group classes (small groups created by you or me)
  • Conversational classes

Additional courses offered in French only:

  • Technical French for a specific sector or job
  • Preparation course for an exam (DELF, DALF for example)

When studying French with me, you will not only study French, you will also get to know French culture and other Francophone cultures. Private French classes with a native speaker from Paris will be very different from the rigid and sometimes monotonous standard courses.


Pedagogical material

Because each student is unique, they require pedagogical support adapted to their level, their needs and their centres of interest. Thus, in addition to learning from pre-existing material, I prepare personally tailored studying documents.

Personalized material has included such cases as how to make a business presentation or conduct a successful job interview. In addition, I will provide you with a vocabulary suited to your vocational needs such as writing a bilingual glossary for a foreign hairdresser recently arrived in Brussels who urgently needed technical vocabulary for her French-speaking clients.

Staying up-to-date is as imperative as keeping your students motivated.

I would like to thank my students, Spanish, Italian, Hungarian and French. With constant and conscious study, questions, laughs, each of them passed the planned exams. Others have been able to access the job that needed a knowledge of another language, or take advantage of communicating in the mother tongue of their partner.


I had the pleasure of having Hélène as a private French teacher. She is a very serious and dedicated professional. It was satisfactory to observe an improvement in my level after a few months. I also really appreciated that she included the learning of specialized vocabulary in the agenda, this has been very useful for my professional career.